Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just a little rant

so, why is it..sometimes you get an exceptional bagger person at the grocery and sometimes you dont?? i mean, i assume they all get some sort of crash course on bagging groceries?  eggs on top.. bread on top.. cans and solid containers on bottom..  you see where im going with this? ok..so i love the green bags.. mostly (and i know it should be bc im saving the earth one plastic bag at a time or something) but i really love carrying less bags in the house, and those things just hold SO much! so.. you can imagine what my bags of watercress looked like when i found them buried beneath a 4lb bag of apples, several oranges, biggest bag of carrots they sell, half gallon of chocolate milk, bag of purple grapes and two cement blocks.  ok, sorry, no cement blocks, but it SURE LOOKED LIKE IT!!!!!???!!! poor delicate watercress:(  was so not happy about it.  the plastic bags they came in  looked like one of those storage saving bags you use for cramming your clothes into your suitcase.   seriously.... what was he thinking?? haha.. oh well, not worth crying over. however...rant, yes.

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